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I have it, and I'm quite happy I ordered it.

My primary interests were Nav and Comfort access, both of which I think are well done.

I have Nav on my phone of course (like most humans), but this is a well implemented built-in with voice access right through the steering wheel button, and it throws out directions both on the Nav screen and on the extended dash display, along with muting your stereo to give you voice directions. It's a solid setup.

Comfort access is one of those features that you wonder how you lived without. I never take my key out.

Auto dimming exterior mirrors are nice to have - I had this on my E46 as well, and it's a good feature.
Through-load should be standard now (especially given the stiffer chassis). Happy to have it, not happy that it's even an option.
PDC is surprisingly handy. I didn't think I'd even use it, but it's like having a second set of very strategically-placed eyes, and I find now it's a really nice feature.

And Voice Recognition makes everything that much more accesible without trying to fudge around with the iDrive controller, particularly when you're in motion. Though admittedly I've only learned a small handful of commands...

The alarm, I could care less about. By the time it goes off, it's usually too late.

I like it. Is it worth $3500? Probably not. But I'm happy to have it. I also have the Exec, Assist and Apps bundles. Also probably not worth what they're charging, but they're all nice to have.

The Premium Package definitely has value, and it's a well implemented system. Only you can decide if that value is enough to hurdle the rather hard-to-swallow price tag. It's neither cheap nor a bargain. Its a very expensive set of conveniences.