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I guess after the reaction to the 5GT it comes as no real surprise that the 3GT was not going to win a popularity contest on here. That is even before these pictures were released and how it may drive / handle seems only relevant to those few who will actually want to own it. In fact that is probably irrelevant considering that clientele who BMW predicts will buy it.

From a business stand point, the brand BMW is a global product and giving the customer more choice makes profitable sense. The overall negative reaction might be current BMW owners questioning whether this will harm the brand, in the long term, if unsuccessful.

Obviously SCOTT26 will defend the boards decision to make such a car and will no doubt show that their future projections support the "green light" on the GT series and other future lines. From the outside looking in, on the brand "BMW", it appears that the decisions being made to give the green light to new model lines is being done so in board rooms where the weight of business might be over shadowing that of business acumen. This and how successful the GT series might become will likely be decided by; time.

From the branding perspective I hope it succeeds. I don't think I am prospective buyer and similarly I cannot see myself in a GT in the future.

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