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Originally Posted by DerekS View Post
I assume that you meant to say "have been (losing) their fair share of competitions lately" ?

Your statements are all fair comment and true. But I do not think I could ever get my head around Cadillac's past reputation, both for the product and for the GM dealer culture. IMO, these remain the biggest handicaps for Cadillac to overcome.

The initial ATS sales are apparently mostly coming at the expense of CTS sales, which have plunged by 40%. GM has responded by cutting CTS production. I doubt that cannibalism within the marque was GM's sales objective.

Whether Cadillac becomes a serious threat to BMW's many loyal fans remains to be seen, but as you so correctly said, "competition is good for the breed".
The CTS is at the end of it's current model's life cycle. As Cisitalia (great automotive reference by the way) says that's why it's losing sales. As far as the dealer culture, I had a 2006 CTS and it was a fine car for the money with good handling and a sweet drivetrain. The dealer experience wasn't as good as from my local BMW dealer but it was far from what one thinks of as typical for GM. And the car except for an alignment issues was dead reliable. If the ATS 2.0T had a more competitive engine and MT, I'd very seriously consider one if the price was right.