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1) as suspected, the dealer didn't find sh*t. THey said everything was running at optimal. I took the service guy and played him music from my ipod. He said it sounded fine. He must have been DEAF b/c it sounded like SH*T. Then he goes to get a loaner car (320i)...I tell him the sound in there is gonna be even worse. GO FIGURE, he listens and says..."it sounds worse in here".

he ended up telling me I was basically up sh*ts creek because they tried everything they could to find out if there was a problem and couldn't come up with anything wrong.

I was tired of arguing so I decided to take the car back and talk to my sales guy and after sales guy again at a later time.

2) While driving I couldn't believe how bad and unbalanced the sound was. Keep in mind, I was using my ipod and BMW Y-cable. At one point while driving home, I was reaching inside the arm rest storage area to grab something. I must have jostled the Y-cable and BOOOOOOM!!!! Normal, SOUND!! I literally pulled over into a plaza and started fiddling around.

Turns out the AUX jack was acting up...every time I would rotate the male connector of the Y-Cable, the sound would cut in and out. The sound would go from SHITTY to "normal".

Took out the AUX male connector and put it back in. Doing this must have made something tighter because the AUX jack isn't acting up anymore.

So... to sum up:
- the mechanics and other guys at service are clearly DEAF or didn't even bother to check it out for real. Even the after-sales guy was siding with me saying something wasn't right.
- 48 hours in the shop. They couldn't figure it out.
- Turns out the aux jack was f-ed up.
- Sound is much better now. But in my humble opinion, this stereo in the F30 still sounds like crap in comparison to my previously owned 328xiT, Z4 and X5. Such a disappointment in an otherwise great car.


I mostly listen to prog-house, jazz and rock. Jazz and rock = no problems. The prog-house with booming base is where the trouble is. I've been fiddling around with the EQ in the car and have come up with the following solution...(to my ears at least)

iPod - EQ set at Dance mode. I know ppl say to have the EQ setting at "none" for in-car use but I find that using this is better than not. It just gives a more balanced sound in my opinion.

Then in the EQ settings in the car:
Treble - 3 notches above mid
Bass - 1 notch above mid
Balance - middle
Fade: Rear biased (about 3/4 to the rear)...I find this makes the sound more equal through out the car and reduces the massive and flabby bass. I've never, EVER had to do this. If it's in the middle, it just sounds like a wall of sound coming from the front of the car (probably due to the front console speaker) and nothing from the back.