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Originally Posted by Michael Schott View Post
The CTS is at the end of it's current model's life cycle. As Cisitalia (great automotive reference by the way) says that's why it's losing sales. As far as the dealer culture, I had a 2006 CTS and it was a fine car for the money with good handling and a sweet drivetrain. The dealer experience wasn't as good as from my local BMW dealer but it was far from what one thinks of as typical for GM. And the car except for an alignment issues was dead reliable. If the ATS 2.0T had a more competitive engine and MT, I'd very seriously consider one if the price was right.
Thanks Michael for the auto brand acknowledgement. Most people probably don't know what Cisitalia was. My interest started via Porsche and the Grand Prix car they made for them. Interesting history and fine Italian sports cars. Sorry for the off topic.