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Originally Posted by CheeseJaguar View Post
South Africa is basically the car jacking capital of the world. Driving around in a brand new BMW, you might as well pay $5k to BMW individual to have them paint a bullseye on your car.

Some firsthand examples of crime in South Africa:
The BMW factory is in Rosslyn which is just North of Johannesburg. A big city with crime.

The port is in Durban which is another not so safe city.

If BMW offered SA delivery somewhere in the Western Cape that would make for a lovely trip. I've been to the Western and Eastern Cape and it was fabulous. Some great little towns along the way, beautiful scenery and wine country . Did not have a single issue in SA and we rented a car and drove most of the trip. It wasn't a new BMW, but we saw plenty of nice cars along our travels and didn't hear anyone else having issues.

I think there's a higher likelihood of us seeing US PCD for foreigners who want to take delivery of their X? and drive around the US before dropping off in SC. That hasn't happened yet, so I wouldn't expect SA delivery to happen.