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Originally Posted by shawnsheridan View Post
Yes, I think in that instance, incompatible Werte Values were used.

There may be some way to tell, but again with normal FDL coding nothing is obvious, especially after the coding is removed and the module is returned to the original state. Now if you alter your VO Options, and / or change your Production Date and write it to the car, and do not reverse that, that will easily be discovered. If you flash the firmware on an ECU, which can't be reversed, that may or may not be noticed.
Hi. I just noticed that people were discussing this question I posted earlier.

The werte values I used were from the F30 cheat sheet.

As I originally posted, when I reload a CAFD that was altered, the UNKNOWN and INVALID settings are displayed.

Oddly, the coding changes work perfectly -- that is, the intended modifications are in effect.

To eliminate these errors, I tested by setting values back to the defaults, then reloaded them. There were no errors with defaults. Only the values in the cheat sheet, once entered, saved and coded generated errors on reload.

I haven't coded in a while but I've noticed no ill effects.

I am waiting for BMW to come up with a fix for poor/error prone voice recognition for music search with a USB-connected iPhone. I suspect that would mean a complete reprogramming. I will be curious to see if it wipes my coding changes and if the CAFD files that were marked invalid are also reset as a result of a complete reprogramming.

Until then, I'd sure like to hear what others are experiencing when the re-look at coded files.
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