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Originally Posted by JoeyO View Post
The guy who drove the Cadillac at the Spartenburg track is completely speaking out of his arse. He says this is Cadillac's first attempt at trying to beat the 3 series. That's 100% a lie. It's more like Cadillac's strike three. I recall very distinctly Cadillac mentioning the BMW 3 series when they were peddling their Catera and Cimarron cars.
And CTS and CTS-V... I recall they even have an advertisement for the XTS that mentions their use of front Brembo brakes and how others don't.

Now if they could just cut down on some of the razor edge lines, oversize chrome grills and headlights that run half way up the hood...

Nevertheless, GM products are improving. Hopefully they don't mess with a good re-start post bankruptcy. I'm keenly interested in seeing the next gen CTS and the new rear drive platform they have coming for 2015 to compete with the 7 series. If they price it right and create a competitive driving experience (like the ATS) they could begin to sway some. All it takes is a good start.

Remember Acura then Lexus in the 1980s? BMW and Mercedes laughed them off at first.