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Originally Posted by ozorion View Post
Short of changing my wardrobe (thanks Sherwin ), the key case is sounding like the way to go. Hopefully it isn't too arduous to open up each time I need to unlock the car since I didn't get the comfort access option. Failing that I'll look at coding options.

My coworker is lording over me the fact that on the Merc, the window/sunroof function is infrared based, rather than RF like the lock/unlock. This means he can unlock/lock his car where he likes but can only open/close the windows when he is in sight of the car.
Have you tested to see how far you can be from your car and successfully activate the window convenience option and/or trunk? Maybe you are within range while at your desk @ work.

I don't recall Mercedes using IR remotes for many years. What year is your friends car?