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Originally Posted by MarkW83 View Post
After what seems like actually quite a short wait compared to my previous cars, as I only ordered 3 weeks ago (sorry guys for those of you with longer waits ), it's my build week this week (49), and this morning the current production status is "Bodyshop Start", so it looks like they started on the car this morning.

Does anyone know when I should expect it to be fully finished and departed from the plant, considering they started on it this morning? And when after that would you expect it to be actually on the ship on its way? Apparently there's a Bremerhaven-Southampton ship leaving on the 5th and 11th December - will I likely catch either of those?

Definitely a painful wait - however long it is - but this time is the first I've actually known about the production process and that most of the wait is waiting for it to be started, and the shipping etc. It definitely helps that I know I can track it to see exactly what stage it's at
Once the build starts it's usually only a couple of days or so before it's rolling out as the finished car. After that the timescale can be open to a lot of differences. My car did the Cuxhaven to Southampton route which was a relatively quick crossing. Mine was released to carrier on the 13th August and arrived at the dealership on the 23rd.

As far as I know, once it's left the plant there is no way of tracking it until you get the call from your dealer to say it's in. It's a long wait but you're nearly there now