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Originally Posted by Turbotx View Post
Agreed. This, plus I have zero respect for government motors for crawling tails tucked and hands out for help after running themself into the ground. Then they double-fukked Saab, first by ruining them with their pathetic platforms, then blocking their sale attempts. Too bad Saab didnt have a rich governent 'daddy' to go running to for help, like gm did....

At any rate, the only comparison that explained in simple terms why the ats isnt ready for the spotlight yet was road and track; its slower, less refined, thirstier, less practical, has a lame shifter and CUE sucks compared to idrive. So Im curious again, why should this thing be taken seriously?
Road & Track also said, like nearly every review, that the ATS is a sharper handling car than the 3 series which has been Cadillac's goal. They are not far behind in the other aspects by the way. The ATS is a clean sheet effort by Cadillac and is close to the F30 so BMW had better stay on their toes or they will fall behind.

I know this a 3 series forum and I'm not my second E90 and would consider an F30 once my lease ends but when Audi, Mercedes, Infiniti and Lexus introduce their next cars in this class, it's quite possible that the 3 series could lose a lot of comparo's. Lets not drink too much Kool Ade.