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Originally Posted by JoeyO View Post
The guy who drove the Cadillac at the Spartenburg track is completely speaking out of his arse. He says this is Cadillac's first attempt at trying to beat the 3 series. That's 100% a lie. It's more like Cadillac's strike three. I recall very distinctly Cadillac mentioning the BMW 3 series when they were peddling their Catera and Cimarron cars.
It's the first clean sheet design with its own dedicated platform to be more specific. The Cimarron was based on the Cavalier and the Catera on Omega which is basically a Euro family sedan.

The CTS was a tweener which worked for awhile but in terms of product placement, Cadillac is finally going right sized. The new CTS should be a very good 5-series competitor.