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Originally Posted by verbs View Post
There have been multiple dyno testings of each car, the N54 just makes more horsepower than the N55, period. There are no ifs ands or butts about it. N54 is more underrated if you would from the factory than the N55.

That said, not having to deal with high pressure fuel pump issues and the aforementioned gas mileage gains are a plus from a convenience perspective. Just wish the car pulled harder up top, at least as much so as the N54, which I even felt fell flat on its face up top.
I hope you are at least a tuner to be so sure about your comment, but I give you full benefit of doubt....
On the other hand, not having to worry about your engine to fail is not convenience,it is reliability and these things all Matter for a stock engine. Power is not the only thing you expect from a 50-60k car. I don't drive a car to race every day, though, some kids might...
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