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Originally Posted by bzguy888 View Post
Thanks for the advise. It's interesting how few in dealer inventory has the lighting package. On top of that, even fewer with window curtains (occasional babies in the car and don't want window tints other times).
I can tell you from experience that the more specific you are about your car the least likely it's going to happen. If you're looking for something right away and are tired of waiting for your build, you'll have to compromise. Some things you want, you won't get and some things you'll get that you didn't want.

Most of the cars I've looked at with the window curtains are fully loaded $58,000 MSRP plus. I think enthusiasts get caught up in their specific build but in the end you have to decide what extras are deal killers and which things you can live with. Like aluminum hex vs burl wood...who cares? Only you can decide this. The alternative is waiting another two months to get your car. For me, I'd rather compromise to get it now.

Good luck.