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Very good average numbers.

For reference, my 335i Msport ZF AT is getting between 25.5 to 26.5MPG mixed driving, calculated manually.
My daily commute is about 15 miles each way, and highway speeds are between 70 to 80mph, with the actual flow of traffic.
I always drive in sport mode, use auto trans mode set to "comfort" to get all 8 speeds at those speeds.
You can do that if you have the DH pkg, which gives you some added settings.

I've tried to do a tank using eco mostly and some comfort, but I can't do it. The driving experience becomes like dragging a square box boat through molasses. CAN'T DO IT!

Since the cold temps have hit, and new AS tires it's dropped by about 1mpg.
TireRack also noted according to their tests the Bridgestone RE970's AS, which is what I have, suffered a 1mpg loss compared to other high perf AS tires they were tested against. BTW, these AS tires are quite heavy compared to the other competitors. Seems I'm experiencing the same 1mpg loss as TireRack got.

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