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Canada - F30 '12 RECALL !! Software Upgrade

So I called BMW last week for a service appointment and they said I had a factory recall for a software upgrade.

So I had the upgrade done and here are the changes I see..
-The upgrade updates the "FEM BODY" module only. If you code your car, this module controls the power mirrors, seatbelt gong and other features. edit: It updates quite a few modules, you'll need pszdata 48.1 to code your car..
-Trunk kick open (or whatever you call it) is less sensitive. Also the turn signals blink 3 times when it opens, which I'm sure it didn't do before.
-Extended instrument cluster, has a few minor changes, it seems a little different to me, but could just be me. Also the initial BMW startup logo is different, it's like the '13 MY ones now.

- so in short -

NO MAJOR CHANGES, f*ckers kept my car for 4 days saying they're fixing the issues I originally called in for, but all they ended up doing was updating the software!
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