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Originally Posted by KoenG View Post
SCOTT, yes things are evolving and the market has become global. Still no excuse for the polarising, but mainly aversion evoking designs they put forward. Makes me adore my old E39 even more as a classic beauty, just like the F10 who still has got the X-factor also.

You say that criticism is normal but always has proved to be wrong... I don't buy that, even the offensively ugly Bangle 7-series had to be facelifted early and substantial. When you see a young timer E65 these days, it holds no cancle to earlier E23/32/38 models. I still omit to see good reasons for inferior design. Look at the www for global first reactions on 3 GT, 80% of the reactions are simple and pure aversions on design.

You say it's mainly targeting Europe? The 5GT certainly wasn't. I see the price will put it above the touring also...?? Also here, it will not be a fast moving item then and it will become obsolete immediately, after a first wave of early adopters buying a few thousands of them.

Will certainly not become a classic. I hope they at least will earn a bit on it.
I too question that BMW's decision always proved to be correct. That sounds like marketing talk to me.
Sorry Scott, I know that's your job, nothing wrong with keeping positive.
The 7 had to be fixed to improve sales. According to Scott I could be wrong.
But, did the 7 sell at it's best volume because it included the newish China market to help those sales?

The previous 5 was a bad styling decision, and BMW had to correct that to regain sales, and it worked.
Recent sales of the new 5 and 7 models are quite successful in sales numbers compared to their previous iterations.
I didn't like the initial E90 and happily it was finally corrected with the face lift. The Msport version was especially nice.

As for the 1M it did very well. But, BMW failed on that one because of it's very short run. It was a model version that did extremely well, so what did BMW do, they didn't extend the run even though a replacement for the 1 series, on which it's based, is still over a year away.
Who at BMW had the bright idea to stop production of the 1M 2 years before a new 1 series replacement comes and likely another 4 years before an M2?

LOST SALES. I for one really wanted to see new 1 coupe and sedan.
Knowing that wasn't coming I was hoping BMW would increase 1M sales, as early on a top BMW exec said that if sales and demand were there they could increase production. They didn't.
Didn't lose me though as I got a 335i. BUT, it's not exactly THE BMW I wanted this time around.

BTW, have you guys seen the render of the coming 2 series gran coupe?
It's VERY nice.
If this 3GT hurts your eyes and makes you want to punch BMW, go look at the 2 gran coupe render. You may regain confidence and hope.

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