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Originally Posted by Tra08R View Post
E46 and my E9x car great great cars...Sorry if i am not clear. the F30 is my 3rd 3 series (e46 - Still own but parents using it, e92 - my daily driver, F30 320d, Wife has one too). I bought the F30 not really needing a new car, but just did it haphazardly coz I was able to get a good deal, didnt put much thought into it or examined it in detail...will be trading in my e92 very soon..however I may now just keep the e92 as days have gone by and i realise its abit of a downgrade... will see.

The e46 is a tight car (made in S.A), as is the e92 (made in Germany). The F30 feels like a cheaper car (i realise it is very difficult to substantiate and its all relative so relatively speaking.. my statement is backed by the following.

1) Downgraded Centre armrest leather quality on F30 vs previous cars - the grade is now that much cheaper - just touch it and examine it. look at the folds and perforation from the stitching and u will have an idea how its a much lower and thinner quality leather than in the past. Side door leather quality simply not as supple to e92 as well.

2) Carpets...comb your hand over the carpets on the side walls..near the tranny and do the same for your e92 or E46. Just feels like a different grade

3) Doors - you gotta notice this one.. e46 and e9x shuts like a vault. F30 sounds like a Japanese car (not a thick and study thud. But more a thud with some reverberations

4) tactile feel of plastic buttons - examine the electric window buttons vs. those on the e46

5) Dash plastic - tap it. then do so for the e46. The e46 dash plastic has a softer supple feel that you can kind of skin your finger into a bit whereas the F30 are hard and plasticky. Do you also get a sense that the steering wheel airbag unit exterior plastic is again very plasticky with over etched leather grains as though someone dialed up the detail button??

6) F30 - electric steering vs hydraulic (F30 335i and M cars will retain hydraulic I was told. There is more road feel from my e46, e92.

7) All aluminium struts and suspension to reduce weight on the e9x, now its just STEEL... I can stand advancements, but not backward advancements

8) e46 has some nice details around ..not the door hinge but the locking component where the door connects with the chasis, the metal is chrome plated and had a plastic plate covering the exposed bolts which i found elegant. On the F30 its exposed you sell the galvanised metal and bolts. I realise its all to do with cost saving but i thought i'll still point that out.

9) Might be car specific but - Wind noise.. never an issue in the past, Rusted seats, pillar chips.

To be fair here are the pros
- Bigger and roomier
- Refinement ASIDE, new selection of engines have way more power and torque
- More contemporary design, nicer angel eyes, nicer front bar kinda Audi-esque

I dont dislike the car, but the above are my observations...I am aware probably more so than others that the Auto makers are having a really hard time passing on the higher imput cost to consumers..hence they need to be more economical with efficiency, procument and sourcing of suppliers etc etc..and hence the quality issues.
sadly, I must agree with all your's a little disheartening.
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