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Originally Posted by mark.L View Post
If it were me personally, I would never 'compromise' per se on a car which costs $50k. I'd want it EXACTLY the way I like it. But then again that's just my personal take on it.
It really depends on your situation, and more importantly your NEEDS. If you absolutely need the car within the next week, month etc. then only go ahead and compromise and buy one off the lot. As far as the $1k holiday rebate goes, you'd get that irrespective of when you take delivery, all your CA needs to do is lock you in to the program.
And I absolutely understand the agony of waiting for your car, but the end reward will be much pleasant as you'll be getting the car specifically built for you.
I cared originally but now I don't care. I thought I wanted Steptronic auto but if I get Sport auto..OK. I wanted HK, if I don't get worries. I wanted Dynamic Handling..if I don't get it..OK. I wanted 18" tires..if I get 19"..I'm good. I guess the waiting thing has changed my mind. Things I thought were important really aren't. The car will be great the way I get it especially if I get it two months before my build arrives. This is where I am.

I will report back on my adventures in the next 48 hours when I know something. There is no right or wrong here with me, I just want a car.