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Originally Posted by J Tiberius
Ok, this is kind of a long post. I'm glad I saved a lot of money up front on my F30 because I'm a little disappointed having to change out springs on a Sport Line to make it feel sporty.

The adaptive suspension did not appeal to me because of the longevity concerns and the fact that it had very little impact on the ride quality or height.

So now I've just ordered the H&R sport lowering springs and will be installing them next week. Turner Motorsports has already done the same on their 335 and it looks like the best way to go, both for performance and appearance.

Seriously, there is WAY too much body roll in corners (even in Sport +) on the F30 and this might be the most cost-effective way to rectify the problem. My e90 was insane on corners and I always looked forward to taking some back roads to work in order to really put it through the twisties...not so with the F30. Everything else is great, but then I only buy the 3 series so that I can have that experience right up front without having to mod the suspension.

Would like to know what fellow forum members think on the subject of adding aftermarket springs. The Sport Line should be sportier!!
Try cornering through the body roll and the car will plant itself down. These arent m3's. the e90 has plenty of body roll as well. Imo the stock sport suspension would outperform stock shocks with lowering springs. Unless you go all out fully adj coilovers.