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Originally Posted by clarence View Post
Point 1 - BMW were on the backfoot already at launch, forecasting at the last minute (correctly) such low sales.
Point 2 - Shows that they've wasted lots of resources (R&D, marketing, aftersales, technical etc) on just 20k units of sales p.a. (around 1.5% of total annual sales), & quite a lot of those sales are cannibilised from the F1x & F01.
Point 3 - It shows that the GT line is not the panacea to BMW, & it is not & won't be the saviour to BMW AG. It contributes too little to the bottom line & failed to create a new niche (which is in itself undefined). It is irrelevant to the future success of BMW.
Point 4 - Just 20k of sales is needed to tarnish the image of BMW to some in the lay public, by making a car with dumpy styling, compromised driving dynamics & interior packaging, poor 2nd hand residule values & frequent discounting on new cars.
Got any evidence to support your points?