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I think you should get a different car. The 335i doesn't make sense for someone like you...

Originally Posted by ironysatire View Post
Is there any reason on earth for me to order the Tech Package or Nav?

- I haven't even used a paper map since about 1993.
- I don't commute by car. My commute is from one room to another.
- When I drive, there is no traffic. None. I live in the country. I'm lucky if I see one car when I drive into the nearest town. I see lots of birds, though. The real problem is going off the road where there's no cell phone signal, getting injured, nobody coming across my wreck for 2 days, and having to eat my own feet to stay alive.
- I don't have a smartphone. I do have a cell phone in the car, for emergencies. I have never had an emergency, knock on wood. Therefore, I have never used my cell phone. I never know how to use it the two times a year I check the battery. btw, we have trouble getting a usable cell signal out where we live anyway. I do not know my cell #.
- I don't want music on a hard drive. I'm an audiophile. I prefer SACDs, CDs, and LPs. I know you can rip your CDs to a car at full CD sound quality, but . . .
- I don't listen to music when I drive. I drive when I drive. Maybe at the three hour point of a really long trip, I'll idly turn on the radio. That's it for music. So I sure don't want to stream music or screw around with the internet or whatever.
- I don't want or need extended "gauges". My E90 has a dipshit econo-gauge instead of an engine temp gauge, and I've successfully lived with only that for 2 years, so I can live without gauges.
- The F30 we test drove for two days had the HUD, and I screamed "Turn that f****** thing off!" to my wife before I started moving. Later, playing with it, it washed out when I had sunglasses on anyway. I don't get the attraction. There's a state-of-the-art (and tasteful) physical speedometer right below that f****** HUD thing, btw.

I am not a Luddite. I have a website at and I'm a co-blogger at I have a ku-band satellite dish to monitor European and Mideast networks. My wife works in the computer security field. I'd be happy to get Tech etc. if I had a different life.

Very seriously, is there any reason to consider any of the tech stuff that's available? Or should I just waste that money on things like the I6 and the DHP and maybe the M Sport trim?