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Originally Posted by Completenewb View Post
To use a similar analogy: say that woman has two earrings on one ear and none on the other? Wouldn't it look much nicer if she had two earrings on both ears? Maybe four on each would look a bit excessive but two on each still looks nice.

I definitely see your point though. It isn't necessary. Also, exhaust is one of the most obvious ways to distinguish different models of the same series of car, so I do see how it could be deceptive. But I do think both the 328i and 335i aren't unworthy of quad exhaust. Both at the very least have a ton of potential. Would it still bug you if a 328 or 335 modded to have 330+whp had quad exhaust (this question is not meant to be rhetorical)? I mean, to most people it can't be denied that, regardless of what is under the hood, any car (especially these) looks better with symmetrical exhaust.
I've got no problem with splitting the exhaust to give a better visual balance or symmetry, especially if there is a performance/exhaust reason for doing so.

It's the "quad" configuration, directly aping the M-cars that seems silly, to me. Especially when I see other versions where at least one of the four tips is not even connected to any exhaust pipe, just simply welded on!!!
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