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I'm not convinced (but happy to be proved wrong).

1. BMW's signature front LEDs have always been round, or nearly round (as in the F30). Why would they start mucking around with something that's defined the marque for so long? Audi is a good case of not knowing what to do with front LEDs, they've had pretty much every shape under the sun in the last 2-3 years and it just makes it look like their designers can't decide what to do!

2. I'd imagine those front air scoops under the headlights are waaaaay too aggressive. Members of F30post tend to be enthusiasts and probably like that design (myself included), but your average F32 buyer might not.

3. Cant see the side vents on the front wings being on anything other than an M car.

4. The rectangular exhausts look like something that BMW reserve for their high-end (non-M) models, e.g. 550i, 650i etc. The lower models tend to have standard round pipes, e.g. 328i, 335i, 320d, 330d, etc.

Must say I do like the concept pics except all that heavy stitching on the interior just looks like they're trying too hard.
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