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I'm afraid I've just been priced out of 3er/4er coupe territory by BMW without even having seen a price sheet.

My E92 335i LCI was about $50k with M-Sport/Nav etc. The idea was to transition into the new F32 at the end of next summer when it became available to purchase.

The overall look and marketing push on this does not make me think I can even get close to the equivalent of my current car in it's new "4" form.

I'm really thinking an equivalent vehicle with the "bigger" engine option will cost 58-60k. BMW is making a big deal about pushing this as a premium vehicle. You don't step on a legacy like the 3 series unless you expect to really shake up the way things have been in terms of customer expectation/pricing. They are shooting to compete with significantly more expensive cars than the current 3 series coupe with this vehicle.

All that being said, I'd love to be proven wrong, but it's looking like an F30 for me next summer