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Originally Posted by sean10mm View Post
A Mustang GT isn't a sedan last I checked. It's an amazing bargain, but useless if you need 4 doors and any level of practicality.

Let's say you want a sporty 4 door car and don't actually care about having every gadget under the sun, but don't want something completely ricer looking like the STI and Evo. What exactly is competing with the F30 there at a significantly lower price point?
Point taken, I missed that he wanted a sedan only. You may laugh at the following options that came off the top of my head, but these cars, especially the Hyundai are pretty nice cars if you can get over the brand making them. I'm sure if you looked you could find something from Ford and Chevy in a sedan that would be competitive also.

Hyundai Genesis - mid 30's for 333hp and mid 40's for 429hp. They seem to come with most of the electronic fun standard.

Kia Optima - under 30k, but probably more comparable to the 328 than 335 from a hp perspective.

I chose the 335i because I happen to like the luxury part, but dont sleep on the 'lesser' brands. They're pretty good bang for your buck if you're looking for performance.