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Originally Posted by shawnsheridan View Post
Thanks to JEG23, we have Trip Import working using Google

Google Maps is a better and more efficient tool to generate routes than the BMW Navigation System. You have the flexibility to change routes as you wish and select specific roads from point A to point B. The attached manual (and program) describes how you can generate trip files that can be imported into your BMW Nav system. This is possible thanks to the great programing work of our fellow fester, Aussie40d, from the E70 forum. Enjoy.


However, no luck so far on POI import, although it continues to be studied.
Thanks for that Shawn - looks like it's just a matter of time then.

I had a look at what JEG23 has been doing with trip imports and gave it a try just as a test, but it created a very strange route. It was basically correct in that it went down the roads I'd selected in Google Maps, but kept darting off down side roads for a short distance and then asking me to make a U-turn to go back onto the correct route. Very odd. I'll do a bit more playing about with it and then maybe contact him to see what's going wrong.