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Originally Posted by ironysatire
Is there any reason on earth for me to order the Tech Package or Nav?

- I haven't even used a paper map since about 1993.
- I don't commute by car. My commute is from one room to another.
- When I drive, there is no traffic. None. I live in the country. I'm lucky if I see one car when I drive into the nearest town. I see lots of birds, though. The real problem is going off the road where there's no cell phone signal, getting injured, nobody coming across my wreck for 2 days, and having to eat my own feet to stay alive.
- I don't have a smartphone. I do have a cell phone in the car, for emergencies. I have never had an emergency, knock on wood. Therefore, I have never used my cell phone. I never know how to use it the two times a year I check the battery. btw, we have trouble getting a usable cell signal out where we live anyway. I do not know my cell #.
- I don't want music on a hard drive. I'm an audiophile. I prefer SACDs, CDs, and LPs. I know you can rip your CDs to a car at full CD sound quality, but . . .
- I don't listen to music when I drive. I drive when I drive. Maybe at the three hour point of a really long trip, I'll idly turn on the radio. That's it for music. So I sure don't want to stream music or screw around with the internet or whatever.
- I don't want or need extended "gauges". My E90 has a dipshit econo-gauge instead of an engine temp gauge, and I've successfully lived with only that for 2 years, so I can live without gauges.
- The F30 we test drove for two days had the HUD, and I screamed "Turn that f****** thing off!" to my wife before I started moving. Later, playing with it, it washed out when I had sunglasses on anyway. I don't get the attraction. There's a state-of-the-art (and tasteful) physical speedometer right below that f****** HUD thing, btw.

I am not a Luddite. I have a website at and I'm a co-blogger at I have a ku-band satellite dish to monitor European and Mideast networks. My wife works in the computer security field. I'd be happy to get Tech etc. if I had a different life.

Very seriously, is there any reason to consider any of the tech stuff that's available? Or should I just waste that money on things like the I6 and the DHP and maybe the M Sport trim?
I mean no disrespect, but by all accounts, including your own, you qualify as a bumpkin. And, by your own candid admission, you live in the country.

Thus, that makes you a country bumpkin.

Save your money on this fancy shmancy city slicker see-dan and go for a John Deere or a Ford x50.

Nevertheless, I appreciate your successes and my goodness---live...a little.

I absolutely insist that you purchase the tech package. Then, when the big day comes and your bimmer arrives, fill the tank, grab your uber-secure wife and take a journey---somewhere. Make it one that takes you past the county seat. Make it a journey that, heaven forbid, requires that you use that new navigation system.

I call upon all bumpkins, country and otherwise, to get out and smell the aroma of our national highway system and above all---live.