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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
Nice little story. The part you didn't mention to your friend's little girl is that the homeless guy would love the work but it's cheaper and more fun to pay the undocumented immigrant $15 to do the same work then go and say disparaging things about both the homeless guy and the undocumented immigrant behind their backs. Welcome to the Republican party!
Romney was in favor of the kind of controls that would make it increasingly hard to find an undocumented immigrant in the first place. Every resident seeking work would be here legitimately, so they would have less incentive to accept such low wage while fearing deportation. Free markets react to supply and demand. If the supply of those types of workers goes away, nobody is left who would be happy to work for $15, so if the person wants the lawn mowed, he will have to pay more. The going rate for that service increases. And if they are here legally, they are more likely to file a return and pay taxes on that law mowing fee.

Of course, since the fastest growing demographic voting group in the country all probably has immediate friends/relatives who would be affected by the proposed immigration stance, they didnt vote for the person who would have fixed that problem at it's source.

Welcome to America ! Dont feel like following the proper legal steps like everyone else? No problem, break the law, get here illegally, and we'll construct some "path to citizenship" for you. That way, since you are already here, we can jump you to the front of the queue. That will send a really good message to all the suckers from Europe, Asia, etc. who are dutifully following the process and waiting in line to immigrate properly. After all, if they are that interested in following the rules, how could they possibly contribute more to society ? No need to fast track them in.