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Originally Posted by wdlv View Post
I think you should be fine, I'm in New York State, and by law you should be able to go down to 30% tinting which would allow for 70 percent of light to pass.

All I can say is, here in the hood tinting gets so deep you can't even see through the window. However, I would be cautious on Long Island, I've heard of police being less lenient of this than in the inner city.

Hope you find a happy medium. Let's here from some other NYC/New York State folks.
30% tint only allows 30% of light to pass.
tint and the law refer to visible light transmittance or VTL. NYS VTL is 70%
30% tint, coupled with the light tint in the glass, will only allow 25% or so to pass.

knock on wood, but i havent had an issue since my S60R, where i got two tint tickets instead of a speeding ticket.
just be smart, roll down your windows for checkpoints, and dont go too dark. if you get pulled over, roll down all windows and turn on the interior lights.
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