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Headlight Xenon Retrofit

Hey peeps, I need some help with and BMW parts.

If I purchased P/N: 63117338705

What would be included in this assembly? Do I get everything inside this assembly or just the housing? Found this part for sale for $780. This price seems like it includes the internal parts but I am not too sure.

I can get the rest of the OEM headlight (external from housing) electronics from TisherBMW (HID, control units etc). If coding is necessary I could do some rewiring or code if it is easier.

Its the housing assembly I am iffy on since even the sellers barely know the product, its all shipped directly from a warehouse.

Right now my guesstimate is around $2500 maximum(with a little magic it would be closer to $2000) for complete retrofit to xenon all OEM parts. No labour lol. I am not too worried about the electronics its the complete internal headlight housing that is slowing me down.

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