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[DIY]Stud Conversion

This is a DIY for doing a stud conversion. Reasons for doing this is to convert our 14.25 sized bolts to 12.5 which opens up a lot of options for rims especially ones from Japan.

Sorry for the picture quality. Taken with my phone.

1) Faster rim changing because you'll never have to find the hole to bolt into again.
2) Don't need to get new bolts every time you install spacers (depends on how long the studs you buy are).
3) More rim options.

None that i can think of.

Let's get started.

1] you need all the required parts. (the stud conversion bolts, Loctite, Hex piece and Lug nuts)

2] jack and jacking pad is important without the pad, you will destroy the plastic jack point.

3] The jack point looks like a rectangle box that your jacking pad will fit into perfectly. Looks like this:

4] Take with Rims off. Don't need a picture for this. This is the perfect time to spray some clear coat on the inside of the hub so it wont rust and get ugly like older cars.

5] Apply some loctite onto the end of the bolt that goes into the hub in a line perpendicular to the threads and then rub it with your fingures until it looks something like this:

6] insert the bolts into your hub and torque them to 18 ft-lbs. Use a screwdriver to lock your break disks from spinning like this:

7] Apply anti-seize to the bolts and hub ring so your lug nuts wont get seized and probably have to break the stud in order to take it off.

8] Put your wheel back on and torque your Lug nuts to 85 ft-lbs

9] Repeat on all 4 hubs and you're done! now have a beer