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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
This exact scenario was played out in Georgia recently. I seem to recall farmers there having a real tough time finding people to do the work the illegal immigrants had been doing up to that point, for the prices they had been paying. What you are expressing sounds great on paper, but the reality is far different.

Georgia Crops Left Rotting
Interesting scenario. The market will correct itself, it always does, it just takes time.

What will happen is short term pain. The crops for that year will spoil. But, people are not gonna stop eating.
So, the demand is still there, but we have less food in the system. Less crops = price creep for the crops that do exist. As the prices rise, eventually they will fetch a price where the farmer can now afford to pay "American" wages for help, and then they begin to seed the fields for the next harvest. If too many workers jump in the pool, it forces wages down again, thus making it unviable, and the fluctuation happens until some equilibrium is created.

Of course, the only way to make that work is if the immigration laws are universal, otherwise the illegals will just leave Georgia, go next door to another state and work for peanuts there, and the problem persists, at a different address.

If it's a different product, unlike food, that has a higher elasticity of demand, that market vertical may disappear altogether, to be replaced by something else. That's OK. The old video store down the street is gone, nobody rents movies any more. Now that spot has a mobile phone store, a product that didnt exist when VHS tapes were big business.

Originally Posted by xbook View Post
Also, it isn't just folks from Central America that are here illegally. I used to date a girl from Canada who was an illegal alien, she even had a famous brother who was helping her with legal fees, but she was working here as an illegal. I frequent a british pub in my 'hood, many men and women I am friends with are here illegally from Europe or the UK.
Doesn't matter where they are from; if they are not legal, and you ignore it or give them some preferential path to citizenship, it's basically spitting in the eye of folks who are willing to jump thru the hoops to do it properly, and who are waiting for years sometimes. Those diligent folks are probably also less likely to cheat on taxes, etc, so it's better if they are here instead of any illegal, regardless of origin.

Can you imagine if I stole a car instead of buying one, then the gov says, you know, instead of throwing your ass in jail, we'll help you with a "path to ownership", where you slowly pay off the value of that car you stole over time. What message does that send to those who are busting their ass at work to make their car payments?