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Originally Posted by dannyzlo View Post
Where in Brooklyn are you at? That really sucks -- shit like this is the reason I'm leaning towards garaging my car when it arrives, even though Park Slope is pretty tame.
@ Dannyzlo, are you kidding me, whenever (if ever) I drive into Park Slope, it's good luck finding parking. Seems like you need a garage regardless IMO. But yes, definitely tamer.

I'm in Bushwick and apparently it's people's hobby to smash in windows or take a rear tow hook cap as a souvenir. Sorry for being cynical but I see this all the time when I walk the dog. Broken glass on or near sidewalk or missing tow caps... Always good to garage the car, if you can.

In any case, elgandashvili sorry to hear about the tires but as other members mentioned, tirerack probably has the best price and they deliver quickly. I recently bought a set of winter tires and literally received them next day.

Good luck and if possible get a parking spot.