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Originally Posted by nano10 View Post
Even after reading the hassle and cost for this suspension I will probably go this route as I want a drop while keeping my dampening controls and as close to ride comfort as possible. Cant wait to see pics after install
I take it you have the DH pkg with M adaptive.
If you get the M perf dampers you lose adjustable damping, or did I miss something? I believe the M perf dampers are non adjustable with electronically controlled internal valves.

I too have M adaptive and I was thinking of just getting the M perf springs, IF they are available separately.
Is this what you were thinking to do too?

How much increase in spring rate is there with the M perf springs?
I think I read something somewhere that the spring rates were between 25% to 35%, different front and rear.

A subtle drop would be ok, but I'm fine with the OEM ride height.
I'm not a fan of too much drop for a daily driver especially when driving in a 4 seasons area with rough roads, pot holes, and occasional deep snow events.
A 10mm drop is a bit under 1/2", I think that would look good and work for my needs.

I wonder if the M perf dampers are actually better than the M adaptive dampers? I'm thinking having M adaptive dampers with M perf springs would be the better setup.
From what I'm feeling in my 335i the suspension is basically only lacking firmer springs.

I'll be very interested in reading descriptions from F30 owners who have the M adaptive and then switch to the whole M perf setup.

I'm going to check with my dealer to see if they will install just the M perf springs. My 335i Msport is a lease so keeping warranty is a must.