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Originally Posted by GET A GUN View Post
This is what I found to hopefully be the problem.
That F30 has big problems.
That damper looks to have leaked out all of it's fluid, meaning there is NO damping, and the wheel is left to the pogo'ing of the spring motion.
That's a very serious and potentially dangerous problem.

The clunk/thunk I have in my steering is different.
The dampers are working in my 335i.

There appears to be about 3 different clunk/thunk scenarios being posted.
1- there is a thunk/clunk when the car goes over a sharp bump.
2- there is a thunk/clunk when the car is moving and the driver is making a turn over bumpy surfaces.
3- there is a thunk/clunk when the steering wheel is turned beyond 90 degrees left or right, even while the car is not moving. This is the one I have.

Maybe some of these are related.
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