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Originally Posted by MarkW83
Hi guys,

Does anyone with an F30 know if the 12V power sockets in the car all provide continuous power (even when the car is off and locked)? Think I've read this somewhere...

If so, do all 3 sockets provide this (front of centre console, under glovebox, rear centre console for back seat passengers), and is there a cut-off time at all?

Hi mark!

I think you missed the outlet on the trunk...

I have observed that the outlets work by just opening the doors, if an outlet is being used and you lock the doors, the power will get cut.
If you dont lock the doors you have a 10 minute timeout ( cant remember if its 10 or 15 minutes. )

In any case, its a smart car, it wont run out of juice at the driver's leisure. And just as a quick sidenote, the battery on your car is huge, seriously my v10 ford excursion had a smaller battery than the f30. Abuse of it all you want.