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Originally Posted by ScarecrowBoat View Post
First of all, go fuck yourself. I saw some other people had said they found a lot of rust within the HVAC systems, so I took the better part of 5 seconds to pop off the piece and snap a pic out of curiosity. I didn't see anything bad, but decided to contribute my picture in case anybody else was curious seeing as this was in a thread ABOUT RUST. The seats being rusted is just ridiculous and the rusted parts should be replaced.

Secondly, a brief browse of your comment history shows you are literally just complaining about people being stupid for wanting to do this or that. This is an internet forum about our cars, so if people see a potential problem or something they don't like, they talk about it with the hopes of resolving said issue or spreading around some knowledge. If you want to sit online and nitpick us instead of your car, I suggest you check out Reddit or 4chan where at least there is an expectation of worthless comments.