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Import 328i from the US to Germany.


I'm thinking of importing a 328i from the US to Germany after my internship in the US. Due to different regulations the German DMV requires some E-Numbers and some changes to the US-version.
Can anyone of the owners in the state help me? Just looking on you car an making a photo or tell me if these numbers are shown on the headlamps?

If someone has a 3series equipped with xenon-headlights, it would be nice to send me a photo with the E-Number on the headlight housing. The German TÜV requires that number to get the car road legal.

Is the rear blinker red or orange on the US-version? Can anyone tell me if the rear fog-light is already equipped with a bulb? German officials request a rear-fog light and if the bulb is already installed I only have to change the light switch.

Then there some questions where it's very unlikely to find someone who knows, but does the navigation, GPS, Radio work in Germany and can I set the language into German?

Thanks for helping!