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Originally Posted by MarkW83 View Post

I think we have different production status numbers here in the UK, but the descriptions are the same/similar.

Apparently, as of today, my car is "8200 Released to Carrier". These are the further stages after that, below. Could anyone please tell me exactly what Released to Carrier means - does it mean it's arrived at Bremerhaven and is waiting a ship? And if so, what's the 9000 Departed Plant - which plant?

Thanks guys...

6000 Transfer to Distribution
8200 Released to Carrier
9000 Departed Plant
9615/35/45 In Storage
9610/20/30/40/50/60 In Transit
9800 Arrived Dealer
I believe "released to carrier" means that the company who will transport the car to the port of exit has accepted responsibility for the car. To determine which plan the car was manufactured in, look at the 11th digit of your VIN.

A: Munich
B: Dingolfing
C: Dingolfing
D: Dingolfing
E: Regensburg
F: Munich
G: Dingolfing
H: Rosslyn (SA)
J: Regensburg
K: Munich
L: Spartanburg
M: Spartanburg
N: Rosslyn (SA)
P: Regensburg
R: Toluka (Mexico)
S: Shenyang
T: Oxford
U: Goodwood
V: Leipzig
W: Graz
X: Berlin
Y: Berlin
Z: Berlin