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Originally Posted by johnbmw6 View Post
Thank goodness for that
If we think some of the latest issues are "BMW going to the dogs".... the opinion when BMW started making the diesel variants, was viewed by many as BMW totally losing the plot and abandoning their core values.

When the 524td (115bhp, 152lb/ft) was introduced into some markets, (no RHD versions) in 1983, it was viewed with suspicion, even though it was a ground breaking machine. The M-21 engine paved the way, but it wasn't until the M51 2.5tds was launched in 1991 that the diesel really started to change BMW history.

With BMW being established on the solid reputation for the excellence of its petrol engines, the diesel engine was not allowed to detract from that reputation, hence the quest for the diesel with refinement and more performance than the competitors.

I think we can say BMW have achieved that over the years, and are still are up there where they insisted they needed to be, if they were to use the diesel engine.

Off topic I know, but 'sort off relevant' to why BMW move the goal posts on car design and model ranges.