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The 330D out accelerates the 320D and has a 6cyl engine against a 4cyl,
but is it worth an extra £5200 plus?
As I certainly would not buy a pre-owned 330D, that was the figure I was looking at in June this year when I made the choice of a 320D.
Fuel consumption? Whatever you lads get on a 330D itís nowhere as good as the 320D. It never will be.
Tyre wear? The extra wear on a 320D compared with a 320i is quite noticeable. If the acceleration is there, you use it! No doubt about it! The wear on a 330D compared with a 320D? I dread to think!
Acceleration? OK if you are driving for the Police, but for an everyday run around the 330D is too much of a risk for the Driving Licence. The 320D can be bad enough for me.
A 6 cyl engine? For me, the only real advantage: the possibility of smoother running, as a 4 cyl diesel can be a little obvious at low RPM.
But a 330D plus, is the possiblity of better track days at Brands.
For me, extra acceleration and smooth running was just not worth an extra £5200!
The disadvantages of the 330D far outweigh its advantages i.e.
a)Higher servicing costs
b)Greater tyre wear
c)Higher fuel consumption
d)Nose heavy
e) Higher road tax
f)Higher insurance
g)An extra £5200!