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Originally Posted by Carjack View Post
The 330D out accelerates the 320D and has a 6cyl engine against a 4cyl,
but is it worth an extra 5200 plus?
As I certainly would not buy a pre-owned 330D, that was the figure I was looking at in June this year when I made the choice of a 320D.
Fuel consumption? Whatever you lads get on a 330D it’s nowhere as good as the 320D. It never will be.
Tyre wear? The extra wear on a 320D compared with a 320i is quite noticeable. If the acceleration is there, you use it! No doubt about it! The wear on a 330D compared with a 320D? I dread to think!
Acceleration? OK if you are driving for the Police, but for an everyday run around the 330D is too much of a risk for the Driving Licence. The 320D can be bad enough for me.
A 6 cyl engine? For me, the only real advantage: the possibility of smoother running, as a 4 cyl diesel can be a little obvious at low RPM.
But a 330D plus, is the possiblity of better track days at Brands.
For me, extra acceleration and smooth running was just not worth an extra 5200!
The disadvantages of the 330D far outweigh its advantages i.e.
a)Higher servicing costs
b)Greater tyre wear
c)Higher fuel consumption
d)Nose heavy
e) Higher road tax
f)Higher insurance
g)An extra 5200!

As with anything, it depends what you're used to. When you've owned a powerful car, you really can't settle for anything else. However, if you've been used to the power of e.g. a 320D or below (still a great car), with the "disadvantages" you've claimed above, it sounds like the 320D is the car for you

a) Higher servicing costs: get Service Inclusive, which includes 5 years/60k miles servicing for a low initial cost
b) Probably, though you don't need to go screaming around everywhere in it - it's just nice to have that power *available* when you want and/or need it; and when you're used to having it, it's a big "disadvantage" when it is *never* there. As a bonus, you get the higher torque and smoother 6-cylinder engine when you're just pottering around as well - all the time. A 6cyl BMW vs a 4cyl is quite a difference, even with the sound it makes!
c) Again mainly down to the way you choose to the drive the car - if you look at the official figures (clearly not achievable in the real world , but you can use them as a comparison between the two cars), there is very little in the 320d/330d, despite the huge performance and drivability difference
d) Not really an issue unless you intend to be driving aggressively all the time, or tracking the car; in which case you should be getting the 330D anyway!
e) 129 vs 120 for the manual 320D, hardly a huge difference. Again, the 129 CO2 the 330d emits - considering the size of the engine and its performance - is quite an achievement
f) Yes, though I doubt the difference will be so significant that it would put you off the 330d
g) Definitely a large price difference; and if you think you'll be happy in the 320d, for your expectations, from what you want from a car, and for the type of driving you do, it is probably the "better value" car, seeing as everything else about the car will be the same

I'm sure I won't be alone in saying that - after sampling BMWs finest diesels, in the shape of the 335d and 330d, and also the petrol 135i - I would never personally be happy with a model with less performance, and 4 cylinders vs 6. The car, for me, is all about the engine, and I'm used to a powerful engine, the driving experience is different, and a lot more effortless. Even when you're just pottering about, you can feel the difference - like how a higher-end, more powerful Hi-Fi system, will play music at a lower volume with more depth and detail, it's not just when "loud" that there's a difference - in every day driving; and you have the power available for when you want it.

Just depends on your expectations and what you want from the car personally, we're all different, hence the choice.

Good luck deciding
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