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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
Nice mini review.
It's interesting that you felt the Msport had better acceleration compared to the Lux line in sport mode.
Maybe the Msport had the "sport" automatic and the Lux had the standard one?

Also, the DH pkg includes the VSS-variable sport steering, which has a slightly tighter ratio, 14.5:1, compared to the standard steering 15:1 ratio.
Very minor, but some others have noticed a difference too.
When I did my test drives non of the 3's had VSS, so I couldn't directly compare the different racks.
It's interesting to read a review like yours where you actually drove the different racks back to back.

Great choice you made.
The N20 engine is amazing for 2 liters of displacement. Excellent low rpm torque, and quite smooth for an inline 4cyl.
BMW did a great job with this engine.

I'm partial to the Msport though as I choose the 335i Msport.

BTW, if you like the Lux look maybe you could look into a 328xi sport line.
You won't get the Msport steering wheel, but you do get the sport seats.
I LOVE the Msport steering wheel.

Yeah, I was surprised too about the acceleration, but maybe I'm just trying to convince myself to go with the M-Sport haha. The car did not have the Sport 8AT with paddle shifters, but I would be getting this option when the time comes.

Yes, I was pleased I was able to test the DH package versus a non-DH package 3 series back to back, although again I wasn't set to get this option, but now that I drove one with it, it's worth it. Funny thing, I didn't even know the car had it, I actually asked if it did, because of the way it handled. When we got back to the dealer, sure enough it listed as an option.

Yes, the N20 engine is a fine engine indeed. Tuners will start to have fun with this as time goes by.

Oh and i'm not interested in the Sport line. If I get any kind of sport package it's going to be the M-Sport, no thinking required on that one haha

I'm sure you're having a blast with your 335i M-Sport