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Originally Posted by BavarianFanatic View Post

Yep, I complain about idiocy. That's my thing. I also try to inject an ounce of reason here and there in amonst the hysteria.

Seriously, this whole thing is assanine. This isn't a cost cutting issue or any other BS. There's zero reason to paint a seat pan or a dash support. I've yet to come across a car that was painted.

There's so much posturing on principals on this forum it's becoming rather nauseating. Just because it's an $xxK car doesn't mean a damn thing. It's a car. I'll bet $10 a peak under the seat of a Bentley will reveal the same thing.

And FYI, you're not photographing your "HVAC system". That's your dash support...
That is why I said "within the HVAC system", implying the picture was taken from within the vents. Again, worthless contribution, if you have nothing to add to this thread stop posting in it.

Originally Posted by SwampCat84 View Post
Well, Just checked mine and theres a whole lot of rust on the bottom of my seats.. havent checked anywhere else yet.. My car is all of a week and a half old... THERE SHOULDNT BE RUST IN IT! I paid $43,000 for this car... I have every right to be upset if it came with RUST in it! BMW will be replacing my seats or they can have their f**ing car back... I still have yet to pay $.01 for this car...
That is really bad, have you called the dealer yet?