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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
I think your comments sum it up for many of us. I've tried the down sizing in engine performance and have considered it with BMW. Hard to pull the trigger, knowing you just won't be happy with how it drives long term, even if you do save a few 's.

As you say, the feel of a more powerful car is something it itself, even if you are not pushing it. Bigger brakes, higher gearing on the cruise, refinement, all help to enjoy the driving experience.

That's not to say the 320 (d and i) don't fit the requirements and budgets of many BMW drivers.

Agreed, the 'lower' models are still exceptional cars, just for a different buyer. The purchase of any BMW is a good choice

I actually did go ahead and try a downsize, as I went from a 335d to a 123d, mainly as we'd just bought a house and the 335 was getting on a bit, so we decided on the 123d. Test drive was fine, but after only 3 months neither me nor my partner were happy with it, it's such a different driving experience when you're used to the power and it's just not there, you get used to it, and it's definitely an issue when it's gone! Cost me 5k to get out of the lease, but I relly didn't like it and didn't want to be paying out each month for 4 years for something I didn't like. I learnt my lesson though, never again again, the 123d is a nice car, just not for me.
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