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Originally Posted by Carjack View Post
The 330D out accelerates the 320D and has a 6cyl engine against a 4cyl,
but is it worth an extra 5200 plus?
As I certainly would not buy a pre-owned 330D, that was the figure I was looking at in June this year when I made the choice of a 320D.
Fuel consumption? Whatever you lads get on a 330D it’s nowhere as good as the 320D. It never will be.
Tyre wear? The extra wear on a 320D compared with a 320i is quite noticeable. If the acceleration is there, you use it! No doubt about it! The wear on a 330D compared with a 320D? I dread to think!
Acceleration? OK if you are driving for the Police, but for an everyday run around the 330D is too much of a risk for the Driving Licence. The 320D can be bad enough for me.
A 6 cyl engine? For me, the only real advantage: the possibility of smoother running, as a 4 cyl diesel can be a little obvious at low RPM.
But a 330D plus, is the possiblity of better track days at Brands.
For me, extra acceleration and smooth running was just not worth an extra 5200!
The disadvantages of the 330D far outweigh its advantages i.e.
a)Higher servicing costs
b)Greater tyre wear
c)Higher fuel consumption
d)Nose heavy
e) Higher road tax
f)Higher insurance
g)An extra 5200!
You touch on it with smoother running - but its more more than that. The 330d, is more refined, less vibration (diesel tingle) and actually sounds nice under acceleration - it has half a soul*. Something which cant really be said about a diesel.

The 320d is great on paper, but driving it the biggest drawback is engine. Dont get me wrong, i have a 520d Touring as our family runabout and it does the job magnificently. But on a cold start or a set of traffic lights errrggggg i dont like it at all. I dont rev it hard, best to cruise in it.

The 530d and 330d i had previously just make driving so much more fun.

*on petrols have a full soul
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