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Originally Posted by BimmerHJ View Post
I checked my 2013 328i xDrive (1 month old one), and found a few (5 ~ 7) rust spots under both seats.
I guess the rust will be spreading out all over the metal frames by next year if I don't do anything.

Considering to apply rust prevention spray.... Is it going to be worth a try?

I am kind a lazy to visit my dealer and explain the whole BMW 'RUSTGATE' issue when my sales guy is staring me like I'm an alien.....

My previous Japanese and Korean cars (don't know about US cars) didn't have any rusty spots at all, inside or outside, even in the harsh Canadian salty road condition....

I do love driving my xDrive, but I'm so disappointed that BMW has adopted such poor quality seat metal frame... What a shame!
Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if they laugh at you.

That said, if it were my car, I would probably disassemble the seat, sand down the affected parts, and prime/spray them with some semi-gloss black Krylon and be done with it.

Unfortunately, I believe that if you completely remove the seats from the car you need to have the airbag light reset by the dealership afterwards, at least I believe that to be true of E9x (I haven't tried, 'cause I don't like spending money unnecessarily.) Maybe if you explain the situation to them they'll do it for free if you paint the metal bits yourself.

Having grown up in western PA, I fear rust in all its forms... hate it hate it hate it!