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Originally Posted by Jason View Post
[bpnews=" Rumor: BMW 4 Series Price Projected to be Just Over 2000 Euros More Than 3 Series"]

"Now the advent of the 4er is here and aims to bring a more upmarket perspective to the 3er line. The 4er (in Germany ) is projected at just over euro 2000 more than the equivalent 3er Sedan."

For reference, at today's conversion rate, 2000 euro is equivalent to $2,618 USD. To put this rumor into perspective, for the 2011 model year, the E92 335i coupe's base price was $2,050 higher than the E90 335i sedan.

So, if Scott's projection proves true, we are possibly looking at a premium for the 4 Series over the 3 Series in the high-$2000 to lower-$3000 range, a not unreasonable increase over the price difference between the previous generation 3 series coupe and sedan.

As with all rumors and unofficial info, take it with a grain of salt, but we hope this to be true, so for now keep your fingers crossed.
The 4er Coupe goes to German customers one year from now; autumn or fall(USAterm) of 2013.
Any discussion about prices is therefore pure speculation.
Any talk about prices is therefore without any real base.