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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
Nice little story. The part you didn't mention to your friend's little girl is that the homeless guy would love the work but it's cheaper and more fun to pay the undocumented immigrant $15 to do the same work then go and say disparaging things about both the homeless guy and the undocumented immigrant behind their backs. Welcome to the Republican party!
Wrong! The lazy guy doesn't want to work because he didn't otherwise take the initiative and make the personal sacrifice necessary to get educated in a skill or ability that others are willing to pay for. As a result, he won't work because the compensation for the only kind of work he is qualified to do doesn't pay enough to allow him to live the lifestyle he wants.

Instead, he gives up and mooches off the government via entitlements that the hard working successful folks pay for through ever rising taxes. He's the same cat that stands on the street corner with a sign begging for money too.

The result? Half the country no longer has an incentive to get an education, learn a skill or ability to make a decent living.

The consequence? A 16.3 trillion dollar national debt, 1.2 trillion dollar budget deficit and a national Gross Debt to GDP ratio of 105.5%!!!

Exacerbating the situation we have an incompetant for President who has convinced 51% (% by which Obama won the popular vote) of the nation that the answer to stimulating the economy, reducing unemployment, and paying down the debt is to increase taxes on the top 1%, increase government spending and all the while covering it by borrowing more from China! At some point the gravy train is going to implode, as it's unsustainable.

I would enjoy hearing any liberal explain how taking more taxes from the successful, increasing government spending (beyond our current 1.2 trillion dollar budget deficit spending currently,) and borrowing more money that will increase our national debt obligation (above the current 16.3 trillion dollar we already owe) is going to stimulate the economy, create jobs and pay off our our nationl debt!

Take away the all the BS entitlements and I bet you'll see the needed incentive to get off your ass and make it rain.

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